Violence is Never a Solution

This is a response to a video I watched recently where someone has expressed anger over the death of Nhaveen. The person who made the video expressed his anger and spoke how killing of an innocent life is not right. However, there is a point he made that was very disturbing. He advised parents with children who are involved in gangsterism or are bad to poison their kids. He said it is alright to kill such kids, and likened it to a noble act. He also encouraged lawyers to not take up the case. When he was called out for his statement (wrong to propagate an idea that it is okay for parents to kill) , he and his followers bullied those criticising out of that conversation. This video has been watched more than 120,000 times, has over 2,000 likes and reactions and has comments that are predominantly supporting those statements. I am worried. I am worried because how do you remove violence in a society when the very first reaction to anything is violence. 

To the person who made the video, your anger is justified. Your suggestion and advise is not. Be responsible when you put out a public content. You just rant away your anger without thinking? Do you realise that you made a statement that it is alright to kill as long as it is justified? The law is extremely clear here, no one has a right to decide who lives and who does not. Are you blind to the fact that your suggestion is violent? How can you tell someone to not kill but advocate that it is alright when the circumstances calls for it? Poetic justice does not help maintain order in a society. Attractive concept but not right. When you were called out, you said that your readers do not have pea brains. They would not kill just by watching your video. Be responsible! You and those who have endorsed the video represents society. I hope you are aware that parents have murdered their own children for lesser reasons due to societal pressure. So, it will not shock me if some parent somewhere fear the repercussions of being alienated by society and do what you have told them. Don’t propagate something without proper understanding of the actual issue at hand.

You were called out for your statement, instead of having an intellectual discourse on it, you and your followers justified the video by saying that those criticising won’t understand because they are not mothers, they are just feminists. You cyber bullied because someone said you were wrong. Look, if you want to post something in a public sphere and take credit for the praises, you must also be willing to accept the criticism. Have some level of curiosity to read up and understand the perspective offered. None of those who responded to the criticism had any valuable input to the conversation. None of you were able to go beyond your anger to see what you were advocating. Every life has a value, no one has a right to put a timeline to it. 

Let me just break it down to you, Nhaveen is not the first victim of bullying. He is a statistic because this is a very old disease. His case is visible, hence the anger. This is good, at least now we might be able to do something about it. Bullying happens everyday, at home, in schools, workplace and of course online. I have written a piece on why it happens, and how society contributes to this dilemma.

Your defence that you are entitled your opinion is childish. In that case, anyone can say that they are entitled to their actions too. That is not how it works! You are a functioning member of the society, be responsible on the content that you preach. I don’t need to be a mother or have this happen to my kid in order to understand this pain! I am human and that is enough.  I believe in spreading  the right kind of message, and not make the society more inhuman. 

Your video would have helped if it addresses how parents can manage difficult kids instead of poisoning them. Maybe give avenues where they could seek help. Instead, it amounted to nothing but an advise out of either your own ignorance and poor thought process. If you choose to do another video, please do tell the parents/society one more thing, to not raise their kids by telling them that being effeminate/gay is wrong or something to be embarrassed about. No one needs to teach people from the LGBTQ community a lesson! It would do a whole lot of good if we acknowledge the fact that he was abused because he was perceived to be different/gay/’potte”. This is what we are taught anyways, that being all that is wrong! 


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