An European Adventure 

2017 started off as a difficult year. I was struggling with where I was in life in everu aspect. So, amidst all this reflections, I made a spontaneous decision to travel around Europe solo. I have to thanks Jeevi (one of my humans) for encouraging the idea. So tickets were booked overnight and I knew I was going to have to stretch every penny. Then, the solo trip became a trip with my best friend, Sree. Anything better than a solo trip was this. This was definitely ticking off a bucket list for the both of us.

So, plans were laid out and hours of research were clocked in. We started off in London, then to Paris. From there, we were off to Barcelona. Then, we flew into Italy (Bologna), then were about to take the local trains to Florence and Rome. Finally, it was back to London. 

At the point of penning this, I am en route to Florence on a local train. I can see the Italian countryside listening to ARR. The rolling hills, houses perched on top and wineries are so picturesque. I am grateful for this moment. For all the instances that left me in awe in this mini adventure. Such an amazing experience this is.

p.s. I have promised myself to document this travel in detail, and all the travel hacks and money saving tricks that we used/learned in each of these countries.


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